What Do Men Read: From Classics To Romance

What do men read? Reading preferences come down mostly to personal preferences. I like science fiction, someone else may love historical fiction while others will fill their bookshelf (or kindle) with drama and romance.

Your choice of books may also depend on your gender. Men generally gravitate towards science fiction, historical books, memoirs and biographies.

Looking at the reading lists and book recommendations of the most successful and cultured men like Barack Obama, George R. R. Martin and Bill Gates, you’ll notice some trends.

For one, they read books that you’d call deep. Even their fiction reads provide a deeper level of entertainment than what you’d get from a cheap thin paperback. You’ll notice a lot of classics in their reading lists.

Their non-fiction reads are even more profound and run the gamut from political books to history and memoirs. They are also big on knowledge books on topics like business and entrepreneurship, environmental conservation and other pertinent issues.

With that in mind, here are some general recommendations on what to add to your reading list.



Famous classics like Catch-22, Moby Dick and The Call of the Wild entertain you while growing your mind and giving you a new perspective.

Some classics like Les Miserables and The Brothers Karamazov are tough reads, but the time and effort are well worth it.

Most classics explore heavy themes like personal development, spirituality, chivalry and family in a way that’s hard to find in many modern books.


Go beyond the little and shallow history you learnt from a school textbook. Books provide a deeper dive into important historical occasions, movements and events.

They can help you understand the modern times, become a better political activist or simply make you smarter about the past.

There are many historical topics you can read on including History of England, the World Wars, Black Britain and so on.

You can also choose niche historical topics like maritime development, aeroplanes and computers.

Business, Investing & Entrepreneurship

Even if you are employed, learning a bit about entrepreneurship can help you start a profitable side business. If you are not interested in a business, another option is investing, and that requires lots of reading as well.

If you are already a businessman, it’s even more important that you read business books to keep getting better.

To equip yourself fully, read on a wide range of business topics including business growth, marketing, accounting, leadership, and business strategy.

Fantasy & Science Fiction

The best thing about fantasy and science fiction books is how they transport you to a whole new world, challenging your imagination and providing deep satisfying entertainment.

Popular books like Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire are required fantasy reads. These multi-volume books provide months of entertainment.

For Sci-Fi, some great reads include The Three-Body Problem, Jurassic Park and Neuromancer.

Drama and Romance

Drama and Romance

Don’t be ashamed to get lost in a good romance. Drama and romance novels can provide a softer and lighter alternative to the harsh worlds in dystopian, fantasy and Sci-Fi books.

You’ll find a wide range of romance books ranging from historical knight-in-shining-armour book to steamy erotica.

General Knowledge

Being smart about a wide variety of topics will make you stand out from the crowd. You’ll also have smarter conversations with other people.

Most importantly, genera knowledge books teach you something you did not know.

Some of the most important topics to read up on include astronomy and cosmos, environmental conservation, evolution, Anatomy, Parenting and so on.

Look for books written for a general audience, rather than experts or students. General audience books tell you the most important stuff in a simple and easy to understand language.

Other Books

Other genres to try include horror, dystopian, historical fiction, detective and mystery.

Don’t assume that you won’t like a certain genre. Try all types of books. Over time, you’ll have a better idea of what you love and what you find most enlightening.

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