Allen Edmonds Vs Church’s Vs Baker Shoes

When looking for a new pair of fantastic shoes, it is important to compare brands and styles and prices, so that you know you’re getting the shoe you want for the best price.

So you have decided that you want a really good, long lasting, well made pair of quality shoes and you have narrowed your search to the three best designers you can find: Allen Edmonds, Church’s and Baker.

But how do you choose between the three? Well, we are here to help! Following is a breakdown of the ups and downs of each company, their quality and their price, to help you choose.


All three designers make some of the best, most high end shoes known to man. They all use the highest quality leather and make sure that they use the finest workmanship possible.

Allen Edmonds use the Goodyear welt technique, which is recognised to be a fantastic way of making a pair of shoes long lasting and durable, as well as weatherproof – great if you have to walk to work in a place where there are lots of puddles!

Barker uses traditional methods of shoemaking which have been in use for 135 years, and are still producing great quality shoes that are well loved.

Church may have the upper hand here, as they are now a part of Prada, a world-renowned and internationally recognised brand, so it is in their interest to produce truly top spec shoes.


The design of each of these shoes is individual to the designer, this goes without saying. There are similarities, but each shoemaker will put their own stamp on what they are creating.

All three companies have a huge selection of different types of shoe in similar designs – for example the Oxford, or the loafer – but each puts their different spin on it.

Allen Edmonds’ designs are towards the traditional, with broguing and designs exactly where you would expect them, and none where you would not. Barker shoes are traditional, with quiet hints of an additional flair for those who want it, while Church’s tend to produce an enormous range of shoes designed for just about any and every eventuality.


Each shoemaker has their own designs and quirks, even in a base that is similar across the board. Allen Edmonds leans toward the more simple style, with less decoration and embellishment – just a great quality, well made shoe.

Barker has a huge range of different types of shoe, and some of their designs edge towards the quirky side – think different coloured suede inserts and beautiful, eye catching colours that you won’t find anywhere else.

Church’s style is traditional with a twist, using fold over buckle fasteners and interesting shaped shoes.

Environmental Concerns

In this day and age, the effect of our purchases on the environment is, and should be, a big factor in which companies we buy from – who is the most environmentally friendly? Who has the least negative impact on the planet on which we live?

When buying shoes, your concerns should be the planet as well as your pocket. Companies that import their raw materials over thousands of miles should be lower on your list than companies that source local materials.

Allen Edmunds tops the bill in this case, as they try to buy their hides from local sources in America. Barker and Church tend to scour the globe for high quality skins for their shoes, which is great for the consumer as they receive fantastic quality leather shoes – but less great for the globe, as the air miles do tend to tot up.


In 2018, it is essential to make sure that each company (unless it is one creating boxer briefs, or bras, which are specific to one gender alone) is catering for both sides of the gender divide.

Allen Edmunds is the only one of these three companies that does not have a women’s selection. Not to suggest that this is any reason not to buy from them, particularly if you are not a woman, but if you stand on the feminist side of the fence then you may prefer to shop elsewhere!


Sadly, price has to be a consideration – wouldn’t it be nice if we were all millionaires and didn’t have to worry about what things cost!

You can get a really nice pair of casual Barker shoes for around £100, and their average is around the £250 mark. Allen Edmonds shoes range from £130 for good standard shoes, all the way up to £617 for a really high end pair. Church’s offer shoes from around £350 up to £600, making them the most expensive of the three companies.

Conclusion: Allen Edmonds Vs Church’s Vs Baker

So there you have it – three very different designers with three very different styles. It can be really hard to make up your mind when you are faced with such a huge selection of beautiful shoes!

If you are a traditionalist in your shoes, and you have a mid range budget, Allen Edmonds shoes would be the best bet. If you like to stand out from the crowd in an attractive and quirky shoe then Barker is the manufacturer for you. The price tag is the lowest from Barker too, as an added bonus! For those who are after a really high end, expensive shoe that is a cut above the rest and has some stand-out features, you should look into Church’s shoes. Yes they are more expensive than the rest, but you pay for quality, as we all know.

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