Gant Regular Fit Shield Piqué Polo Shirt Review

If you are shopping for a stylish and versatile polo shirt that you can wear to just about any casual and semi-formal event, we recommend the Gant Shield Piqué polo shirt.

Made with knit piqué fabric, the Shield polo shirt looks stylish and elegant. So it’s not just suitable for weekends about town, you can also wear it to a dinner or even for casual friday at work.

Read on for our full review of the Gant Shield polo shirt and why you should consider having several in your wardrobe.

Gant Regular Fit Shield Piqué Polo Shirt Review

Gant Regular Fit Shield Piqué Polo Shirt Review

What Are You Buying?

1. Versatile Polo Shirt

A polo shirt is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. Not only is it ideal for most kinds of informal and semi-casual occasions, it also matches well with everything from shorts, jeans and slacks.

The Gant Shield polo shirt is even more versatile than most polo shirts. It balances between a formal look with its piqué fabric and flat knit collar and a casual style with the two side slits and the Gant logo embroidered on the chest.

You can further adjust how formal or casual it looks by buttoning up the 2-button placket or leaving it open.

This balance means the Shield polo short looks just as good on a dinner date as it does on the tennis court. It’s perfect for a weekend hangout with friends as well as a casual friday at the office. It’s smart enough to wear to a wedding and it’s also great for travelling.

2. Piqué Knit Fabric

There are two main types of knits used in polo shirts: jersey and piqué. Jersey knit polos have the same smooth feel as t-shirts. While they are lighter, jersey polos are not as breathable as piqué ones because of their close knit structure.

A piqué knit polo shirt, like the Gant shield shirt, has an open weave that is heavier and more textured. While it is a bit more expensive, a piqué polo shirt has several advantages.

  • It has the classic elegant style of polo shirts.
  • The open weave style allows the polo shirt to breathe better, so it keeps you feeling cool.
  • A piqué polo shirt also allows sweat to evaporate faster and doesn’t show perspiration as easily as a jersey knit polo.
  • The heavier weave of a piqué polo shirt makes it stronger and longer lasting.

Its breathability makes the 100% cotton Gant shield piqué polo shirt ideal for all kinds of weather, and is particularly suitable for warm weather or if you are doing a strenuous activity like walking, basketball or tennis.

Something else to note is that the Gant Shield piqué shirt looks more flattering on men with a rounder body type. Jersey polos are stretchier and tend to hug the body. In contrast, piqué polos are less stretchy and tend to drape more loosely over the body.

3. Over Two Dozen Colour Options

When you find a polo shirt you like, you don’t get just one of it. Get several in different colours so you can match them with different clothes and have something for different occasions.

The Gant shield piqué polo shirt is available in over two dozen colours, so you have a really wide range of colours to choose from. These include darker colours like navy, green and purple; brighter colours like orange, pink and yellow; and neutral styles like khaki, grey and white.

The Shield shirt is also available in multiple sizes ranging from XS to 5XL. Note that all sizes are a regular fit (not a slim or wide fit).

How Comfortable is The Shield Piqué Polo Shirt?

The Shield piqué polo is really comfortable. Its loose fit means it doesn’t hug or squeeze your body in uncomfortable ways. You can move about freely in it.

The polo is also breathable, so it keeps you cool and sweat-free in warm weather. Its breathable weave also means you can layer it with a coat or sweater and it will not make you overly hot.

What Accessories Are Included?

The Gant Shield polo doesn’t come with any extra accessories.


  • Versatile style that’s suitable for a wide range of occasions.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Cool and breathable.
  • Looks great even on more rounded body types.
  • Wide range of colour options to choose from.


  • A bit more expensive than most jersey knit polo shirts, but it’s worth it.

Anything Else You Should Know?

To ensure the Shield piqué shirt lasts a long time, wash it at no higher than 40C, do not put it in the dryer (line dry only), do not bleach and do not dry clean it. It is safe to iron it at a low to medium temperature.

If for some reason you don’t like the shirt or it doesn’t fit, Gant offers free returns within 30 days.


We really love the versatility of the Gant piqué polo shirt. It is suitable for different occasions and goes well with different kinds of clothes. It will make choosing what to wear a lot easier. If you can, we recommend getting several of them in different colours.

They are a bit pricey compared to many other types of polos, but they last long and you won’t need to buy more for a long time.

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