Cannondale Bad Boy 2 Hybrid Bike Review

Cannondale is well known for their Lefty bikes that feature just a single fork on the left side. Even though they’ve not gone mainstream, lefty fork bikes have stuck around for years. If you are thinking of getting one, the Cannondale Bad Boy 2 hybrid bike is one of the best.

The Bad Boy 2 is a great pick if you are shopping for a bike that provides a smooth and comfortable ride around town and can also handle occasional rides on gravel and other offroad trails.

CANNONDALE Bad Boy 2 Hybrid Bike Review

CANNONDALE Bad Boy 2 Hybrid Bike Review

What Are You Buying

1. An Urban Hybrid Bike

The ‘Bad Boy’ name doesn’t quite convey how comfortably and smoothly it handles. It might give you the impression that it’s an aggressive bike that will rip through dirt trails and fly down mountains and slopes. That’s not quite the case.

The Bad Boy 2 is designed primarily for zippy yet comfortable rides around town. But it can also handle light gravel and dirt trails.

Thanks to the rigid suspension it can go fast, though not road bike fast. The leisurely 1:1 gear ratio provides a balance between speed and the ability to tackle steep road sections without breaking a sweat.

The lack of suspension also makes the Bad Boy 2 more responsive, which comes in especially handy when navigating urban streets. You will also love how quickly it stops and accelerates from a stop.

This means the Bad Boy 2 also works great as a commuter bike. It’s fairly fast on pavement, handles well around tight corners and traffic, and provides an easy ride that won’t leave you sweaty and breathless.

2. Lefty Fork Bike

The lefty fork design of the Bad Boy 2 makes it even more suitable for urban riding. It adds rigidity to the bike, improving control and handling especially when it comes to braking and cornering.

There’s also the obvious weight advantage. You are, after all, riding around on half a fork. And without the right fork to get in the way, another big advantage of a lefty bike is that you can change the front tire without removing the wheel. This is useful if you need to do a quick tire change while on the road or trail.

3. Big Volume Tires For Easy Handling

Talking of tires, the Cannondale Bad boy 2 spots large volume 650bx40c tires. These are wider than standard tires, which provides a smoother ride that absorbs portholes and makes riding easier on rough trails.

The big volume tires maintain the hybrid versatility of the Bad Boy 2. A smoother centre line reduces rolling resistance on pavement, allowing you to quickly pick up speed on streets and roads. Deeper knobs on the sides give you the grip you need when riding on gravel or dirt.

4. Lightweight Alloy Frame

The Bad Boy 2 is made with an aluminium (alloy) frame, making it lightweight and easy to handle especially on hilly terrain. Combined with the rigid/stiff design, you’ll be surprised at how fast the Bad Boy 2 can go while still maintaining control.

5. Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes give you the confidence you need to navigate through traffic and crowded streets. The bike stops on a dime and maintains braking performance in all kinds of weather.

The hydraulic disc brakes can also handle mud and dirt when you are off road. The only downside of these brakes is that they require a bit more maintenance compared to mechanical disc brakes. But they are worth it.

6. Beautiful Sleek Design

If you care about looks when shopping for a bike, in addition to handling and performance, then you will love the Bad Boy 2. Its appearance is crafted with as much care as the build of the bike.

The combination of the lefty fork, the internal routed cables and the one piece 3D-forged headtube and downtube gives the Bad Boy 2 a sleek look.

You won’t feel out of place at all wearing a suit and hopping onto the Bad Boy 2 for your morning commute. It easily matches your smart style.

How Comfortable is It To Ride?

As long as you stick to pavement and smooth trails, the Cannondale Bad Boy 2 is a pretty smooth ride. While it is labelled a hybrid bike, it is mostly an urban bike. The lack of suspension and the rigid design can make for a harsh ride on many trails.

But on smooth surfaces, the Bad Boy 2 is perfectly in its element. The wide tyres absorb potholes and ruts, the rigid frame and grippy tires get you flying around corners and the low gear ratio provides a leisurely pedalling rhythm.

The padded saddle lets you cycle for hours without getting sore and the lightweight alloy frame plus the 18-speed drivetrain lets you tackle a wide range of terrains without tiring.

If your plan is to enjoy long leisurely rides on pavement at moderate speeds, then the Bad Boy 2 is an excellent pick.

What Accessories Are Included?

Some of the extras on the Bad Boy 2 that we love include a light pipe on the left fork and an integrated LED light on the back of the seat post. These provided extra visibility, ensuring other road users can see you well.

Both lights use a rechargeable battery. The battery for the rear lights is located beneath the seat post, which you’ll need to remove to access it. This is a bit tedious, but thankfully you don’t need to recharge the battery very often. The battery for the front light strip is much easier to access.

Another accessory is the bumpers on the top tube, what Cannondale calls Urban Armour. They protect the frame of the bike from scratching when you lock the bike or lean it against something.  

No other accessories are included. So it’s up to you to customise the bike with a bottle cage, lights (the included lights are not bright enough to guide you in the dark — they are more for your visibility), mudguards and whatever else you think you’ll need. 


  • Smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Good control and handling.
  • Great for urban riding and smooth gravel/dirt trails.
  • Integrated lights for easier visibility.
  • Lefty fork that reduces weight and improves control.


  • Not ideal for rough trails.
  • Should have more accessories for its price such as mudguards and a light.

Anything Else You Should Know?

The Cannondale Bad Boy series consists of three bikes: the Bad Boy 1, 2 and 3. All are lefty fork urban bikes.

The Bad Boy 1 is the most expensive pick. The biggest difference from the Bad Boy 2 and 3 is the drive train. It comes with a high-performance 8-speed internal gear rear hub and a low-maintenance belt drive system (no chain to clean or oil).

The Bad Boy 3 is the budget pick. It is a 16-speed urban-only bike with mechanical disc brakes. It doesn’t come with any lights.

If you want an entry-level Bad Boy for your commutes or leisurely urban riding, get the Bad Boy 3. If you want an urban bike that is smoother, faster and can handle some off road trails, go with the Bad Boy 2. And if you want a premium hybrid bike that runs on a belt drive, try the pricier Bad Boy 3.


Whether you are commuting to work, exploring the city on two wheels or planning weekend adventures on smooth gravel or dirt trails, the Cannondale Bad Boy 2 is perfect for all that.

It can take some time getting used to the look of a lefty if you’ve never used one. But it rides the same, and even slightly better, than similar quality double fork hybrid bikes.

Where To Buy?

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