How To Make Your Feet Bigger?

Being happy with how you are made is a great way to improve your life. That being said, the vast majority of us would like to change at least one of our body parts! You can get plastic surgery; lose weight; gain muscle; grow hair or remove it – but what about foot size? Can it be reduced or augmented?

The simple, quick answer is no. I can hear the sighs of disappointment from the small-footed brigade who wish they had bigger feet! The truth is that there is little that you can do to increase the actual, physical size of your feet. You can, however, employ a little trick or two to make them seem bigger.

Having feet that are on the small side can not only dent your confidence, but it can mean that you are unable to find the sort of shoes that you like, as some brands just don’t make shoes in much smaller sizes.

You may, in drastic cases, find yourself having to shop for new comfortable footwear in the children’s section – certainly not something you want to admit to your friends!

Another drastic option is to have shoes specially made, but this can be a very pricey option and may not be within your budget.

So, how to make your feet bigger?

1. Wear bigger shoes

Firstly, and most simply of all, you can wear bigger shoes. This is easy to do if you are dressing casually, because you can get any number of bulky trainers which wide, are padded left right and centre, and have enormous tongues, which can work wonders to increase the appearance of the size of your feet.

You don’t have to buy several sizes bigger than you actually wear to achieve bigger feet in trainers; just go for the bulkiest pair you can find and you will notice that this increases your foot size, at least on the outside.

2. Buy bigger size

How to make your feet bigger in trainers is relatively easy. But what do to if you are looking for smart, formal shoes? Again, a simple solution is to buy a couple of sizes bigger than you actually wear.

You don’t have to worry too much about them flopping about on your feet like clown shoes, as you can always go for an extra pair of socks (or two!) to take up the extra space inside your shoes. Another option is to buy insoles, which will do the same job as the extra socks, without overheating your feet.

3. Choose the right outfit

Choosing the right outfit can affect how large your feet appear. Skinny trousers, rather than baggy or wide leg trousers, can make your feet look bigger. Skinny trousers obviously won’t do for the office, but you can opt for a slimmer leg rather than a wider one to make your feet stand out a bit.

Going for a pair of shoes with a pointed, rather than a rounded end, will add extra length to your feet, and if you pair (excuse the pun) a pair of these with the slimmer trousers, you should really notice the difference in how large your feet look.

4. Other ways

For ways to try and actually increase your physical foot size, you have to look into a few lifestyle choices – and be aware that any changes will not happen overnight – if they happen at all.

It has been said that doing a lot of running or walking (we’re talking a lot), can increase your foot size, but this is not necessarily practical or possible, and depends on your lifestyle, budget, and lots of other factors – and it is only anecdotal, so there is no telling that it actually even works!

Going barefoot is another method that has been mentioned that can help to help your feet grow, because they are not confined by anything, but again this may not be possible – especially if you live in a cold climate or you need to be smart for work (though the look on the boss’s face when you stroll into the office barefoot could be worth it!)

Many women find, when pregnant, that their feet go up a size or two and never return to their original size. This is not a reason to have a baby, and nor is it a possible option if you are a man!

In the vast majority of cases, once you have stopped growing in your twenties, your feet will have reached the size they will be for the rest of your life. If you are happy with your foot size then this is great, but if you want bigger feet you’re looking at a lifetime of disappointment.

Final words

One piece of advice, useless though it may be if you are frustrated at the size of your feet and want them to be bigger now, is to come to terms with the fact that you have small feet, and love yourself anyway. We are all so very different, and differences should be accepted and celebrated.

At least you can comfort yourself with the fact that if you have smaller feet, you won’t spend your whole life stubbing your toes on things. Small blessings, but blessings nonetheless!

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