Barker Shoes Review

Looking for new shoes can be a nightmare – trawling round the shops, dealing with the crowds, trying on endless pairs – and still coming home empty handed because you didn’t find anything you liked! Now though, you can buy your shoes online and bypass all this irritation.

But how do you know which brand to buy? You can take my word for it and go for a pair of Barker shoes – you won’t be disappointed with the quality or the price, and they have a huge selection of different styles to choose from.

Barker shoes was founded in 1880 by Arthur Barker. Arthur was an advocate of hand sewing, and at first a great deal of the making was sent out to home workers rather than mass produced. By 1920 the business was so popular that it had expanded hugely, and 75% of its output was exported to South Africa.

Arthur Barker died in 1921, but this was not the end for Barker shoes. In 1945 they branched out into ladies’ shoes, and the business passed into the hands of younger members of the family. They rebuilt their factory in Earl’s Barton in 1986, from where the main shoemaking still takes place.

Barker is now owned by an international group, but it is one which is committed to maintaining the high quality of the brand, and the shoes are still made in the UK, from the highest quality leather.

Barker still, 135 years after it began, uses traditional methods of shoemaking, for example the uppers are still hand finished on the last, and slow natural polishing and drying techniques are used.

Barker shoes come in a huge variety of styles and colours, from brogues to loafers, moccasins to country shoes, and a high end handcrafted collection as well as more casual footwear.

Their ladies’ collection is also extensive, despite the fact that they are predominantly a men’s shoes designer, making them an all round great shoe manufacturer with something for everyone.

No matter what you are looking for, as long as you are a fan of high quality leather and great craftsmanship you will definitely find what you are looking for from Barker.

Let’s have a look at some of the best Barker shoes out there…

1. McClean Brogues

BARKER Men's McClean Brogues, Brown (Cedar Calf/Blue Suede), 8 UK 42 EU

An entirely leather pair of shoes, these are great for smart dress or smart casual, due to their fantastic colours (you can choose from a variety of colours such as Brown, Rosewood, Calf) and the interestingly different design – with suede patches in contrasting colours between the leather main shoe part, they are striking shoes.

You won’t find a pair like this anywhere else, and you are sure to stand out from the crowd!

What I like about it:

  • Extremely high quality workmanship which will last and last
  • Perfect for “grooms to be” – this shoe is very popular for weddings
  • Comes with dust bags and a shoe horn to keep them in pristine condition
  • A great fit so they can be worn with comfort throughout the day

2. Pitt Derbys

BARKER Men's Pitt Derbys, Black (Black Calf), 9 UK 43 EU

This very smart shoe is a wing tip derby, made on the 443 shape. Featuring a more minimalist design than some others, these will go with just about anything!

They are made from high quality leather and are made with the Barker trademark fantastic workmanship. Perfect for those occasions when you need a really smart shoe, these are a great investment.

What I like about it:

  • Entirely leather made for high quality and durability
  • Flat heel – perfect for when you don’t want to appear taller than you are!
  • Minimal, sophisticated detailing for a truly elegant addition to your wardrobe
  • A great fit and very comfortable, meaning you can wear them all day

3. Jefferson Loafers

BARKER Men's Jefferson Loafers, Purple (Burgundy/Black Kid), 11 UK 45 EU

These slip on loafers are the epitome of comfortable style. They are easy to wear and look wonderfully sophisticated!

They break in quickly and will end up being as comfortable as slippers – though obviously they come in a choice of colours; the classic black or a burgundy if you want something a bit different. They carry the Barker emblem on the saddle for authenticity.

What I like about it:

  • Easy to slip on, which is a definite plus if you’re in a rush or don’t like laces
  • Comfortable to wear for all day use
  • Choice of two stylish colours so you can personalise your look
  • Affordable – sadly, price has to be a factor, and these carry a smaller price tag without compromising on quality

4. Alfred Oxfords

BARKER Men's Alfred Oxfords, Black (Black Hi-Shine), 9 UK 43 EU

Lace-up Oxfords are a classic, timeless style, and with this pair from Barker you won’t be disappointed. They are fully leather of the highest quality, with a bit of a heel for those days where you want a little extra height and presence!

What I like about it:

  • Wider fit for the larger footed among us
  • Available in high-shine for a highly professional look
  • Lace-up closure means the shoe is adjustable for your comfort
  • A good price tag means they won’t break the bank

5. Perth Derbys

BARKER Men's Perth Derbys, Purple (Burgundy Hi-Shine), 9 UK 43 EU

This is a pair of shoes that will make you stand out from the crowd. They are a delicious burgundy colour, great for those who are bored of black. Made from great quality leather, they are carefully constructed to be comfortable to wear and last for years.

What I like about it:

  • Simple, timeless style
  • Flat heel means you won’t feel intimidatingly tall
  • Elegant and attractive
  • Minimal decoration for those who like a less decorated shoe

So there you have it. If you are looking for your next pair of shoes and want them to be a pair of high quality shoes, defined by fantastic materials and great workmanship, then you should definitely go for a pair of Barker shoes. You won’t be disappointed, either by the price or the quality, and you can be guaranteed to find the pair that suits your needs and personality exactly.

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