Gustav Klimt – ‘Tannenwald I’ Canvas Print Review

If you are looking for a large, bright and vibrant landscape painting, we recommend the ‘Tannenwald I’ print from John Lewis. It is not your typical landscape painting. Gustav Klimt, the painter, had a peculiar decorative style that he used in his human paintings (of mostly women). That same style carried over to his landscape works.

Measuring 110cm by 110cm, the Tannenwald I print is perfect if you want to fill up a particular wall or space in your home with something colourful and unique.

Gustav Klimt – ‘Tannenwald I’ Canvas Print Review

Gustav Klimt - 'Tannenwald I' Canvas Print Review

What Are You Buying?

1. Gustav Klimt’s Surreal Forest Painting

Gustav Klimt was obsessed with painting the female body. Many of the Austrian painter’s works were controversial for being too erotic and liberal. The only other area of painting Gustav was interested in was landscape painting. He painted ‘Tannenwald I’ in 1901.

Similar to Gustav’s other landscape works, Tannenwald I has this unreal dreamy quality to it. That’s because Gustave retained the patterns and bright colours of his figure paintings in his landscape paintings.

Tannenwald I, which translates to ‘fir forest I’ depicts a forest full of tall trees. But instead of a green lush landscape as you’d expect, the trees feature eye-catching orange hues. The painting emphasises a vertical perspective that adds to its dramatic quality.

2. Large Canvas Print

‘Tannenwald I’ looks especially good on a large print like this 110cm x 110cm one. The trees seem even taller, making the print a great choice if you want to add a sense of height to a particular space.

The print is ideal for any space or room whether it’s the living room, behind your headboard or in the hallway. With its bold orange hues, Tannenwald I is a particularly great match for rooms with neutral colours. The fiery orange painting stands out really well.

3. Archival Giclée Print

Tannenwald I is not a typical canvas print. It’s a higher quality archival giclee canvas print. What’s the difference?

Regular canvas art prints are made with inkjet printer inks. They are good quality and can last 10-20 years without fading.

Archival giclee printing uses pigments instead of regular dyes. The pigments produce deep saturation and highly accurate colour reproduction, which ensures you are getting close to the same visual experience as the original work.

Archival giclee printing is perfectly suited to a colourful painting like archival giclee. It really brings out the vibrant look and dramatic hues of the original Gustav painting.

Another advantage of archival giclee prints is that they last a really long time — over 200 years. So this is a print that your great grandkids will also get to enjoy.

4. Heavy Canvas and Solid Wooden Frame

To add to its durability, the Tannenwald 1 painting is printed on heavy canvas that is then stretched over a solid pine frame.

How Easy Is It to Hang?

Because of the size of the painting, the heavy canvas and the solid wood frame, it is surprisingly heavy. It weighs 8.4kg. So take care when hanging it.

Make sure you use the right kind of hooks and fittings to hang the print. Buy the right type of hooks for your wall (hooks for plaster will be different from those for drywall) and check the weight capacity of the hooks.

What Accessories Are Included?

The Tannenwald I canvas print doesn’t come with any accessories. You have to buy hooks for hanging it separately. But other than that, you don’t need any other accessories to put up the painting.


  • Beautiful and unique landscape painting.
  • Great pick if you are shopping for a large painting.
  • Archival giclee style printing improves its appearance and longevity.
  • Solid wood frame.


  • A bit heavy – can be challenging to hang up on your own.

Anything Else You Should Know?

While the Tannenwald I is made to last for years, it’s important that you take proper care of it. In addition to hanging it up the right way, make sure it faces away from direct sunlight and it’s not too close to heat sources.

To keep the print dust-free, regularly wipe it with a soft dry cloth.


The Gustav Klimt Tannenwald I canvas print is a great pick if you are looking for a large, vibrant and dramatic painting for your home. It’s also ideal if you love dreamy or surreal paintings.

Even if you are not normally a fan of landscape paints, I think you’ll love this one. It combines the serenity of traditional landscape paints with an otherworldly, almost magical feel to create a beautiful painting.

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