Dockers Men’s Trousers Review

Dockers is best known for their business casual wear, and particularly their khakis for men. If you are looking for good quality, versatile and good looking khakis and chinos, Dockers is the place to get them.

Their men’s trousers combine contemporary style with comfort, so you can look good while still feeling great.

Here’s our review of Dockers men’s pants plus a quick overview of the entire website.

Dockers Men’s Trousers Review

Dockers Men's Trousers Review

What Are You Buying?

1. High Quality Men’s Chinos and Khakis

Dockers was the original King of khakis. You’ll even sometimes hear these types of pants described as ‘Dockers’.

Dockers pants have always been known for their quality, durability and comfort. That’s true even today. Their range of khakis and chinos includes some of the best quality men’s pants you can get.

Most Dockers pants are 90-95% cotton with some lycra or elastane fabric added in to give the pants a comfortable stretch. So you get the quality, breathability and longevity that cotton clothing is known for. Cotton is also more eco-friendly compared to synthetic alternatives like polyester and nylon.

On the downside, the Dockers cotton pants tend to wrinkle more easily, so you have to keep your iron box handy.

Another thing you will notice about Dockers khakis is that the fabric is thicker than what you find on cheaper pants. They are not too thick as to be hot and stuffy, but thick enough to ensure they wear out slowly even with frequent use.

2. Skinny and Slim Fit Men’s Pants

If you are a fan of loose fit pants, then Dockers khakis are probably not what you are looking for. Dockers focuses on contemporary style pants — and what most men want these days are slim or skinny fit pants.

Slim fit doesn’t mean tight and uncomfortable. Rather, it’s just the right amount of slim. It hugs your body, while still leaving enough room especially around your waist and crotch. The legs tapper into a slim leg opening that lets you show off your shoes.

If you want an even slimmer fit, get one of the skinny Dockers pants. These contour even more closely to your body, but are roomy and flexible where it matters.

3. Wide Range of Styles & Sizes

Not all slim fit Dockers pants are the same. While they all feature a close-fitting cut, there is a variety of styles to choose from.

For instance, there are the Smart 360 pants that are slightly looser and stretchier than the other khakis. They have a more casual look that’s perfect for a dinner date or a weekend outing in town.

You can also get more formal pants that you can pair up with a blazer and wear to the office or a formal event.

Dockers trousers are also available in a wide range of colours. Some pants have as many as 17 colours to choose from including blue, beige, grey and more.

Each pair of pants is also available in most sizes from as small as 29 all the way to waist 42. You can also choose the right length for your fit.

Basically, whether you are shopping for a super casual khakis, something more formal for the office or you want versatile all-round khakis you can wear anywhere, Dockers has them all.

How Comfortable Are They?

If you are concerned that the slim fit Dockers pants will be uncomfortable, don’t. As I mentioned, the slim and skinny pants are tailored to stylishly contour to your body while still being roomy and flexible.

They sit comfortably on your waist and have lots of room around your crotch so you don’t get any uncomfortable pinching. The combination of cotton and lycra or elastane gives the Dockers pants just enough stretch to make walking and other movements like sitting down and standing up comfortable.

Another thing you will love is how light and breathable the Dockers khakis and chinos are, since they are mostly cotton. So you can wear them in any weather without getting too hot or sweaty.

What Accessories Do They Match Best With?

One of the best things about khakis and chinos is how versatile they are. You can match them with a wide range of items and accessories to achieve whatever style you want.

If you want to dress them up they go well with sweaters, button down shirts and even blazers. If you are looking for a less formal look, Dockers pants match well with Polos, t-shirts and hoodies.

You also have plenty of options from brown or tan oxfords to loaders, boat shoes and boots. Generally, casual and semi-casual shoes match best with khakis.


  • High quality and durable khaki pants.
  • Breathable and comfortable.
  • Wide range of colours and sizes.
  • Stylish modern pants.


  • Not ideal for those shopping for loose fit pants.
  • They wrinkle easily.

Anything Else You Should Know?

Taking care of your Dockers pants is easy. The manufacturer recommends washing them on a cold cycle and tumble drying on medium. You can also dry clean them. Do not bleach.

To deal with the wrinkles, use a warm iron.


If, like most dudes, you prefer buying a good quality item and keeping it for a long time, you will love Dockers pants.

They are versatile and they look great with lots of colours and styles to choose from. They are also well made, so once you buy a few, you are set for a long time.

About Dockers

Dockers is an American clothes brand that was introduced in 1986 by the maker of Levi’s jeans. The brand was best known for its business casual wear and particularly their khakis.

But in 2009, the company changed focus and began to market their men’s khakis as being ideal for all kinds of occasions including work, golf, casual weekends and more. This is true if you look at the range of Dockers men’s trousers available on their website.

Years ago, Dockers khakis were associated with middle aged men who wanted a semi-formal or business casual style. Today, the styles are more contemporary and they look just as great on younger guys as they do on middle aged and older men.

What Else Does Dockers Sell?

The Dockers brand is known for their chinos and khakis. But they sell a lot more than just men’s trousers. Here are the other items you can get on their website.

  • In addition to their popular khakis and chinos, Dockers also sells men’s cargo pants that blend practicality with comfort and style.
  • They also have shirts, t-shirts and polos to go along with their pants depending on the look and level of formality you are going for.
  • Complete your look with their wide range of sweaters, hoodies, jackets and coats.
  • If you are more of a shorts person or you want to mix up your wardrobe, Dockers has a few chino shorts.
  • Style up with Dockers men’s accessories including belts, wallets, bags and more.
  • Dockers is not just for men. They have a wide range of women’s clothing. These include, of course, women’s chinos and khakis. You can also get jumpsuits, dresses and skirts, tops, sweaters, jackets and various accessories.

If you are a big dude, it can be tough to find the right fit when shopping for clothes. Thankfully, Dockers has a separate category for big and tall men, making it much easier to find exactly what you need whether you are shopping for khakis, a shirt, sweater or jacket.

Final Thoughts

You can certainly get cheaper synthetic men’s pants, but they’ll not be as good quality or long lasting as what Dockers sells. The same goes for everything else from Dockers.

If you are shopping for good quality clothes, men’s or women’s, that also look good and feel comfortable, then we highly recommend Dockers.

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