Allen Edmonds Shoes Review

Shoe shopping, if you don’t know what you want, can be the most frustrating activity. If you already know and love the Allen Edmunds brand, however, you’re onto a winner! If you haven’t yet come across these great shoes, read on…

Allen Edmunds was founded in 1922, and have been making beautiful handcrafted leather shoes ever since. The company was started by Elbert W. Allen, and started out life as the Allen-Spiegel Shoe Company.

Bill “Pops” Edmund soon became part of the company, and the two shared the idea of staying close to their roots and making a shoe company based on the ideals of hard work, honesty and humility. This was and is a family run company, based in Belgium in Wisconsin.

Allen Edmund’s first shoes were an innovative style, because they used no nails and were shankless – this means that there was no uncomfortable metal bar beneath the instep – and they were an instant hit.

These shoes use the finest leather available, and are made using a rigorous 212 step process – I think you’ll agree that’s a lot of work for one pair of shoes, so you already know that you will be receiving a quality product.

The company sources the highest quality hides from around the world, although they do try to keep things as local as possible by sourcing leather from America. They use only leather that will repel moisture, breathe well, age gracefully and holds its shape, something that cheaper, lower quality leather doesn’t do as well.

A last is an essential shoemaking tool; it is a foot shaped mould around which the shoe is built, and Allen Edmunds have 50,000 lasts in 19 different shapes to match just about any size or shape possible! Allen Edmunds also use the Goodyear Welt technique, which is a way of binding the top of the shoe to a sole.

The Goodyear method is more labour intensive and expensive, but it results in a better made shoe that will last longer. The soles have a layer of shock-absorbing cork to allow for better cushioning and a more comfortable fit – after all, if you’re on your feet all day there is nothing worse than having uncomfortable soles!

Allen Edmund offers a huge range of different types of shoe. You will find Oxfords, loafers, boat shoes, boots, sneakers, bluchers – pretty much any style you can imagine, and all are available in a fantastic range of colours.

You can find different types of shoe depending on your needs; whether it’s for a dressy occasion or for everyday use, have a browse through the selection and see which ones take your fancy.

I have picked out a few for you to peruse, if you’d rather just have a quick look.

1. McAllister Wingtip

Allen Edmonds Mens MCALLISTR McAllister Wingtip Oxfords Brown Size: 10 UK

This is a luxurious wingtip Oxford, with decorative broguing and piping for an attractive finish. They are dress shoes but can equally be worn for smart casual occasions.

The 6 eyelet fastening makes them even more adjustable so they can be customised to your feet. The 360 degree welted Goodyear sole, a feature of all Allen Edmund shoes, makes this pair extra durable.

What I like about it:

  • Plenty of detailing to stand out from the crowd
  • V tread sole to aid grip
  • High quality, soft supple leather
  • Cork inner soles for extra comfort

2. Strand Cap-Toe Oxford

Allen Edmonds Mens Strand Strand Brown Size: 8 UK

This classic lace up Oxford has all the features of a shoe you know and love – made from premium calfskin leather it will add pizzazz to your everyday wear and a quiet style to more dressy occasions.

The medallion toe and traditional broguing gives these shoes a real edge.

What I like about it:

  • The shoes break in easily, allowing extra comfort very quickly
  • Versatile enough to wear to formal events as well as every day
  • Solid oak heel makes a fantastic sound as you walk
  • Goodyear welted construction makes these shoes strong and water resistant

3. Maclennan Oxford

Allen Edmonds Men's Maclennan Oxford, Walnut, 10.5 UK

A stand out pair of shoes which are different from many other designs, in that there is no detailing on them whatsoever.

The upper is made from one single piece of leather, which is a difficult process but Allen Edmund have achieved it. The sleek design makes this pair perfect for those who like a less fussy style of shoe.

What I like about it:

  • It has a bit of a heel, but not too much – just enough to make you stand out from the herd
  • The lack of detailing makes the shoes incredibly elegant
  • 5 eyelet fastening means that you can adjust the shoes to fit your feet
  • Leather and rubber sole to prevent slipping

4. Lake Forest Penny Loafer

Allen Edmonds Mens Lake Forest Lake Forest Size: 9 UK Oxblood

A pair of slip on shoes with just enough detailing to be interesting, but not enough to be “too much”, these loafers will be your new best friends!

The slip on style is so easy to wear, and they break in so quickly, that pretty soon these shoes will feel like house slippers – but you will be pleased to hear they will retain their smartness and won’t look like slippers!

What I like about it:

  • Excellent shoes for casual wear or for dress occasions
  • Waxed leather construction means the shoes will keep your feet dry if you walk over a puddle
  • Lightly padded collar trim means they will be extra comfortable and won’t rub at your ankles
  • Comes in classic black or deep oxblood colour, so you can choose your shoe to fit your style

5. Dundee 2.0 Chukka Boot

Allen Edmonds Men's Dundee 2.0 Chukka Boot, Brown, 9 D US

A fantastic pair of ankle boots, these will be comfortable and durable and will last you for years. The asymmetric opening is a quirky feature that will make these boots different and exciting, and you will be guaranteed plenty of compliments.

They are sleek and elegant, with a plain finish (because let’s face it, who needs extra trimmings when the style speaks for itself?)

What I like about it:

  • The blind eyelet lacing is another interesting feature that you won’t find on many boots
  • High quality workmanship featuring high quality leather
  • The soles are rebuildable, meaning that you can wear these boots for years to come
  • Leather breaks in quickly and the shoe moulds to your foot for great fit and comfort

Allen Edmunds is an all-American brand that has stayed true to its roots and features the highest quality materials and the best workmanship out there. If you are on the hunt for a new pair of fantastic shoes, look no further than the AE brand.

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