Which Is The Best Colour of Shoes To Go With My Suits?

Suiting up is a form of art, and the wrong shoe can ruin your entire look. The real beauty of your ensemble comes down to perfecting the details. Matching your shoes to your suit is essential to putting together a coordinated and classy outfit.

Still, many men are clueless when it comes to mixing and matching their suits with that perfect pair of shoe. This is especially true for that man who is not all that “au fait” with colour. Luckily for you, I have put together this detailed blog post to help guide you on which shoes to go with the suits.

What shoes to go with a black suit?

Wear with:

  • Black shoe

A classic black suit is an essential attire in every gentleman’s wardrobe. Since black is a neutral colour, a black suit will go with any colour of shoes, right? Wrong!

Although black suits might not be the best option on most occasions, if you do find yourself wearing one, the rules for matching it with coloured shoes are insufficient. A plain black suit calls for black shoes. A black shoe will harmonise flawlessly with your black suit.

If you wear lighter shoes with a black suit, your entire ensemble may look off due to the dark hue of the suit. For instance, brown shoes matched with a black suit will look odd in contrast as the shade of the shoe is too light. Red dress shoes, on the other hand, are too stark, even in a dark shade like oxblood.

If this combination – black suit and black shoe – seems too dull for your liking, consider switching up the style of your shoe. While this option may not be adventurous, it offers a timelessly sophisticated look. Still, in recent years, black suit and a brown shoe are slowly becoming more prominent, especially amongst the Italian fashionistas.

What shoes to go with a grey suit?

Wear with:

  • Burgundy shoes
  • Black shoes

Grey is a very versatile suit colour. However, since it comes in many different shades, the tone of your grey suit can affect what colours you match with them. Even so, a black pair of shoes will look great when paired with a grey suit regardless of the shade.

And if you are looking for a more elegant and relaxed look, pair it with a burgundy shoe. The tone of your grey suit, whether light of the dark, will affect the choice of colour for your shoes.

  • Dark grey suits: Just like a black suit, dark grey suits come with a little bit of restraint. A black shoe on a dark grey suit will give a combination of sharp and stylish. This is an excellent idea for a formal occasion. However, you do not have to stick to just black shoes. Avoid wearing a brown shoe when in a grey suit. Instead of wearing brown shoes, opt for burgundy which gives a warm tone and matches more easily with darker shades.
  • Light grey suits: This suit can be paired with a black, light brown or burgundy shoe. Light coloured shoes will give your suit an easy, summery vibe, whereas deeper and darker colours will bring out the formality of your look by toning down the suit. While this outfit will look great for a formal occasion, it can also be worn for a semi-formal event, especially if worn less traditionally.

When choosing the perfect shoe colour to wear with your suit, it all comes down to the level of formality you are trying to achieve.

What shoes to go with a navy blue suit?

Pair with:

  • Red Shoes
  • Burgundy Shoes
  • Brown Shoes
  • Black Shoes

A navy blue suit, unlike the black suit, is more versatile and can go comfortably with a wide variety of coloured shoes including all three colour families of men’s leather shoes.

In fact, when adorned in a navy blue suit, the colour of your shoes should be influenced more by the occasion you are attending. For instance, if you are looking for a formal business look, match your navy blue suit with a pair of black shoe (e.g. these Loake shoes).

A navy blue suit and brown shoes is actually one of the best suit-shoe combinations. Brown shoes are also great for such an occasion while also giving you that relaxed aura. For a casual event, match your navy blue suit with red or burgundy shoes for that playful look.

  • Brown shoes: The warm hue of a brown shoe offsets the coolness of the navy suit giving it a stylish and complementary look.
  • Burgundy shoes: A richly toned burgundy shoe will pair perfectly with a navy blue suit. Burgundy shoes have a feeling that is both classic and contemporary.
  • Black shoes: A black shoe will pair well with a navy blue suit.
  • Dark brown: If you are looking to create a bold statement, match your navy blue suit with dark brown, tan leather shoes. This look gives a touch of sophistication for a casual occasion.

I wouldn’t advise you to go for a blue shoe, however, as it may look odd. When matching this suit, a distinct contrast will always look better.

What shoes to go with a brown suit?

Wear with:

  • Burgundy shoes
  • Red shoes
  • Brown shoes

When wearing a brown suit, the secret if to keep the colour of your shoes a shade darker than the suit. Most brown shoes pair well with a brown suit, however, make sure there is an apparent contrast between the two. When you wear them in colours that are too close, the overall look may look odd. Just to point out, avoid pairing your brown suit with black shoes. It just doesn’t go as well as the other colours.

Although matching shoes with your suits may seem to be tricky at first, you can easily experiment and get more creative with your colours once you get the hang of it and get the basic rules of colour. When choosing the perfect matching colours, always remember not to pick too close but still not alike as it will create an awful clash.

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