Charles Tyrwhitt Men’s Shirts Review

If you are looking for a bargain on good quality men’s shirts, Charles Tyrwhitt is one of the best brands to shop from. They sell well made men’s shirts at fairly affordable prices, making them a great pick for men who want to stock up their wardrobe. And with their wide variety of styles and colours, you can easily find a shirt for every occasion.

Here’s our deep dive into this Jermyn Street brand, including what to expect in terms of quality, longevity and ease of care. We’ll also take a look at Charles Tyrwhitt’s other products including suits, trousers and shoes.

Charles Tyrwhitt Men’s Shirts Review

Charles Tyrwhitt Men's Shirts Review

What Are You Buying?

1. Great Value Men’s Shirts Made With Natural Fabrics

All Charles Tyrwhitt shirts, including the most affordable ones, are made with natural fabrics with cotton being the most common. This ensures you get the best quality shirts that are not only long lasting, but also breathable, comfortable and gentle on your skin.

The downside of natural fabrics is that they wrinkle really easily. But worry not if the thought of ironing your clothes fills you with dread. Charles Tyrwhitt has non-iron shorts, made with a special cotton weave, so they stay sharp all the time.

Overall, Charles Tyrwhitt shirts are some of the best quality you will get at this price point. They may not compare to luxury bespoke shirts, but they offer good value for your money.

You can save even more with one of the frequent bundled offers where you can get three or more shirts at a great price.

2. More Than ‘Work Shirts’

Most guys seek out Charles Tyrwhitt shirts when they want to shop for work shirts. CT has plenty of them to choose from, but they have a lot more than work shirts.

Whatever kind of shirt style you are looking for, CT probably has it. For their work shirts, you can choose between ‘smart shirts’ and ‘smart casual’ pants depending on how formal you want to be.

If you are looking for something more casual, options are plenty. They include denim shirts, button down short sleeve shirts, washed twill shirts, flannel shirts, plaid shirts and more. If you want to go even more casual, check out the selection of Charles Tyrwhitt polos and t-shirts.

Looking for something more luxurious or elegant for an evening dinner or wedding? Charles Tyrwhitt has several luxury and evening shirts.

3. Customizable Fit

While Charles Tyrwhitt shirts are not as customizable as bespoke shirts, you still have some flexibility when it comes to choosing the right fit.

For one, you can choose between three general fits: classic fit (roomy fit for extra comfort), slim fit (regular fit for most people) and a contemporary extra-slim fit. There are also multiple size options from XS to XXXL so there are shirts for everyone including big and tall men.

You can also specify what collar size you want with options ranging from 14” to 20” and the shirt sleeve length (great if you have longer or shorter than average arms).

4. Wide Range of Options

Beyond size, there is lots more stuff to choose from. It can get a bit dizzying choosing from all the options, but the upside is that you can find the exact style, type and fit of shirt you want.

We’d already mentioned you can choose non-iron shirts, though they are slightly pricier compared to regular Charles Tyrwhitt shirts that need ironing.

You can also filter the shirts based on formality. For office wear, there are smart shirts and smart casual shirts. Other options include casual shorts, t-shirts, polos and evening shirts.

There are about half a dozen short patterns including plain, print and checked, more than half a dozen weaves to choose from (twill, Jersey, Dobby etc.), three fabric weights (there are lighter more breathable shirts and heavier fabrics for colder weather) and you can even choose whether you want a shirt pocket or not.

There is also a huge range of colours to pick from for each type of shirt.

How Comfortable Are Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts?

As we mentioned, all Charles Tyrwhitt shirts are made with 100% cotton. They are breathable, feel soft against the skin and do a great job wicking away sweat.

Depending on the weather and how hot or cold you tend to get, you can choose light weight or heavier fabric shirts.

As for fit, it depends on how well you pick the right size for yourself. Check out the Charles Tyrwhitt sizing guide to help you pick the most comfortable fit.


  • Great value shirts – good quality at fair prices.
  • Made with natural fabrics – makes them comfortable and long lasting.
  • Wide range of colours, styles and other options.
  • Multiple fits available to suit different body sizes.


  • They wrinkle easily unless you get the pricier non-iron shirts.
  • Not ideal if you are shopping for budget synthetic.

Anything Else You Should Know?

If you prefer the customizability and perfect fit of tailored shirts, Charles Tyrwhitt also offers that option. They have a tool where you can design a custom shirt from a basic template or modify one of their designs.

With the tool, you can pick your choice of fabric, select the perfect fit and customise the shirt style from the buttons and even monograms.

A custom shirt will cost you more, but it’s a great option if you are looking for a very particular fit or style.


Charles Tyrwhitt shirts fall somewhere in between budget off the rack shirts and high-end bespoke or tailored shirts. They are a great choice for men who are looking for affordable shirts that look great, fit well and last a long time.

And with their wide range of styles, you can shop for more than work shirts. Whether you are looking for a nice evening shirt or a polo for your golfing weekends, Charles Tyrwhitt is a great place to get whatever you need.

About Charles Tyrwhitt

Charles Tyrwhitt is one of the best known high street clothing retailers. Started as a mail order business in 1986, CT opened their first store on Jermyn Street in 1997.

Nicholas Wheeler, the founder, started the business to make high quality men’s shirts. Decades later, the company is still famous for its rich and impeccable catalogue of shirts for men. But, as we’ll discuss shortly, Charles Tyrwhitt has expanded into other clothing products.

Charles Tyrwhitt doesn’t just focus on making good men’s shirts, they also aim to make them sustainable. To this end, they have an ethical trading policy, they are carbon neutral (and are aiming for carbon zero), and they promote fair working practices within the company and their supply chain.

They have also partnered with various charitable organisations including The Prince’s Trust, British Heart Foundation and Willen Hospice.

It’s nice to know that the company you are shopping from is good to its workers and the environment. As far as we can tell from media stories, the company seems to live up to most of its standards.

What Else Does Charles Tyrwhitt Sell?

While still best known as a Jermyn Street shirt maker, CT has added other clothing items to the catalogue though they are still a men’s only brand.

Additions include suits, trousers, knitwear cardigans and jumpers, different kinds of coats and jackets and shoes.

You can also load up on accessories like underwear, ties, belts, pocket squares, bags and more. Basically, you can stock your closet fully with Charles Tyrwhitt products.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we think Charles Tyrwhitt is a great brand. They are an ethical company, their customer service is decent and it’s one of the best places to get a good bargain on well made men’s shirts.

We especially love the variety they offer to customers. It makes it easy to choose the best shirt for your body size, style or occasion.

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