Covermatt Obliterating Emulsion Paint Review

If you are shopping for a high quality interior paint, we recommend Crown Trade Covermatt Obliterating Emulsion paint. It is formulated specially for new interiors and offers excellent opacity and durability.

Below is a full review of Covermatt Obliterating Emulsion paint, as well as a quick overview of PaintWell, the website selling this paint.

Covermatt Obliterating Emulsion Paint Review

Covermatt Obliterating Emulsion Paint Review

What Are You Buying?

1. High Quality Trade Paint

Trade paints are different from the retail paint that you might find at DIY outlets. Trade paint is formulated for decorators, contractors, painters and other professionals. So it has to meet very high standards for quality and durability.

The Covermatt Obliterating Emulsion paint is part of Crown Trade, a category of professional paints from Crown Paints. It has several advantages over regular retail paint.

  • It is high quality and lasts a long time.
  • Because it has high opacity (better hiding power) you don’t need as many coats to get a perfect finish on walls or ceilings.
  • It offers better coverage (up to 16 square metres per litre), thus it is more economical to use.

Note that this is a white paint. It is available in two sizes: 5 and 10 litres.

2. Formulated for New Interiors

The Crown Trade Covermatt paint is formulated specially for new interiors, specifically plaster surfaces. The paint is porous, which allows newly built surfaces to breathe and dry. This prevents moisture buildup underneath the paint.

As we mentioned, the Crown Trade Covermatt paint also has high opacity (hiding power) so it easily covers up the surface without requiring too many layers.

3. Quick Drying

The Crown Trade Covermatt paint is dry to the touch in just 1-2 hours. This is helpful if you are painting an area where a lot of people pass and are likely to accidentally touch the painted surface.

In four hours, the painted surface is ready for an additional coat.

How Easy Is It To Apply?

The Crown Trade Covermatt Obliterating Emulsion paint is easy to apply. It quickly covers up the underlying surface and dries quickly, ensuring you don’t have to wait too long for a second coat.

You can use whichever method you prefer to apply the paint: a regular paint brush, a roller brush or an airless spray.

What Accessories Are Included?

The Crown Trade Covermatt paint doesn’t come with any accessories. Of course, you’ll need a brush or airless sprayer to apply the paint. If you decide to use a roller brush, you’ll also need a roller brush tray.


  • High quality trade paint.
  • High opacity – good hiding power with minimal coats.
  • Good coverage.
  • Safe for interiors.


  • Lacks breatheasy formulation for asthma and allergy sufferers.
  • Not suitable for exterior application.

Anything Else You Should Know?

Crown Trade Covermatt is a water-based paint. This is important for a couple of reasons.

One, water-based paint is generally safer for interiors. Because the paint uses water instead of chemical solvents, it releases fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It doesn’t affect indoor air quality as much as oil-based paint.

Note: While it is safer than oil-based paint, the Covermatt Obliterating paint doesn’t have the breatheasy formulation of some Crown Trade paints. So be cautious if you or someone else at home has allergies or respiratory issues. 

Two, water-based paint is known for its longevity. It retains its colour and finish for years. It doesn’t fade like many oil-based paints.


Whether you are a professional painter or a homeowner looking for a good quality interior paint, the Crown Trade Covermatt Obliterating paint is a great choice. It is easy to apply, it is durable, and it looks great on interior surfaces.

About PaintWell

PaintWell is one of the oldest and largest merchants of paint and painting supplies in the UK. You can shop for their products online at their website, or at one of their 25 stores located across the North West, Yorkshire and the Midlands.

PaintWell has actually been around for quite some time — over 80 years. The company started as Bromborough Paints in 1948 and in 2015, they bought out the ecommerce store, Trade1st.

PaintWell combines the experience and product range of both brands to provide a wide variety of trade-quality painting products from numerous brands in the UK.

Why Shop at PaintWell?

  • Huge variety of products from the most popular brands including 3M, Crown Paints, Dulux and more.
  • Trade-quality paints and painting accessories. This ensures you get the best quality products that are easy to use, long lasting and deliver great results.
  • Next day delivery available. Helpful if you have an urgent painting or decoration project to do.
  • Free deliveries for orders above £60.
  • Good customer service according to customer reviews.

What Does PaintWell Sell?

Paints and Coatings

Whatever kind of paint or coating you are looking for, PaintWell probably has it in stock. Their catalogue includes trade paints, interior and exterior paints, industrial paints as well as special paints such as tinted, anti-mould, and fire-retardant paints.

They have coatings for different kinds of surfaces including wood, metal and masonry.

You can get different kinds of coatings other than paint. They also have primers, varnishes, oils, stains and other treatments.

PaintWell sells paints from virtually every well known brand in the UK. So you have a wide variety of brands to choose from.

Painting Tools & Accessories

As you order your paints, you can also get all the tools you need from PaintWell. They have different kinds of paint brushes including natural and synthetic brushes. They also have different sizes of paint rollers and the poles to go along with them.

Other painting accessories you will find at PaintWell include masking tape, paint scrapers, dust sheets and more.

They also sell all the abrasive tools and products you need to prepare painting surfaces including sanding paper, sanding sponges as well as hand and powered sanders.

Painting Workwear

Suit up for your project with PaintWell’s wide range of painting workwear including overalls, bibs, aprons, shirts and trousers.

They also have safety gear including gloves, masks, helmets, safety glasses and more.

Other Products

We’ve barely covered the breadth of everything PaintWell offers. Visit their website and take a look around; you’ll likely find whatever you are looking for.

Some of their products that we’ve not mentioned include adhesives and fillers, wallpapers and cleaning materials and tools such as paint strippers and cleaning wipes.

The bottom line is that you can probably get everything you need for your painting project at PaintWell.

Final Thoughts

What we love most about PaintWell is that they have something for everyone. Whether you are a professional looking for trade-quality paint products, a homeowner planning to renovate your home or a DIYer shopping for specific paints or accessories, PaintWell is one of the best places to shop.

Where To Buy?

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