What Is The Best Trouser Press On The UK Market?

Ironing trousers can be a real pain. It takes a chunk of time out of your day when you’d rather be doing other things, and it can be tricky to do it well enough that you get a really good, crease free finish. Have you ever thought of trying out a trouser press instead? This clever little machine literally does the work for you!

Although they are often found in hotel rooms and are most often associated with businessmen wanting to look smart and crease-free, trouser presses are also available for home use. They are a fantastic time-saving tool, particularly if you have a lot of trousers you want to press and ironing them all would take a lot of time.

Trouser presses attach to the wall, and the trousers are inserted between the two plates, which slowly heat up to around 60 degrees C, over around 15 minutes. This is a great way to press trousers, as not only does it save you time but you are guaranteed that the press will not scorch the trousers, which is a danger if you are ironing by hand. There are various heat settings depending on what type of fabric you are pressing, so you can be sure that your favourite pair of linen trousers will not be ruined.

The Corby Trouser Press is the generic name for trouser presses, and was established by John Corby in the 1930s in Hampshire. The trouser press started out life as a valet stand, with an area for pressing trousers, which became electronically heated in the 1960s. Voila, the trouser press as we know it today was born!

When they first appeared on the scene, trouser presses were an aspiration for middle class families, and were very often found in hotel rooms. These days, you don’t have to be a social climber or someone who frequents hotels often in order to have a trouser press!

There are a great many outlets for these handy little machines, and you can pick and choose between the different types until you find one that meets your needs. If you have been on the hunt for a gadget to make your ironing pile disappear like magic, with very little effort on your part, then you may wish to look into investing in a trouser press.

But which one do you go for? Here is a guide to a few of the best, to help you make your decision:

1. Corby 3300 Trouser Press 30 Minute Timer

Corby of Windsor 3300 Trouser Press in Beech Wood Effect Finish

This is a simple, easy to use trouser press that can be either wall mounted or free standing. Finished in a beautiful beech effect, it will be a subtle addition to your home décor. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and will keep your suits and trousers looking sharp! There is an automatic cut off plus a manual cancel option, so you can stop the pressing when you feel it’s done – or if you’ve run out of time and need to get dressed quickly.

What I like about it:

  • The option for wall hanging or freestanding use makes this press very versatile
  • It is not too huge, so won’t take up lots of space
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty in case of any defects
  • Comes with feet, jacket hanger and hanger bracket

2. Speedypress Advanced Ironing Press

A nifty little pressing machine, from a manufacturer that has been selling professional ironing equipment for over 40 years, this one is a small freestanding unit that can shave hours off your ironing time. You can adjust the height to suit you, so you won’t be bending over or reaching in order to use it. It comes with a steam setting, so you can add a bit of extra moisture to those stubborn creases.

What I like about it:

  • Comes with a 12 month warranty, and will be delivered right to your door
  • Also supplied is an extra foam cover and foam underfelt, and a spray bottle, pressing cushion and measuring cup
  • Can be used with or without the supplied stand
  • Has a variety of temperature settings for different types of fabric

3. Corby 7700 Satin Chrome Finish Trouser Press

Corby of Windsor 7700 Trouser Press, Satin Chrome

A fantastic trouser press from a well known household name. This press can be wall mounted or free standing, depending on how you want to use it and it has a thermostat so you can decide how hot you want your pressing to be. It comes with a fitting kit and fixings, plus all the instructions you would need to mount it however you want. A 3 year manufacturer warranty ensures peace of mind.

What I like about it:

  • Satin chrome finish for a sleek, sophisticated look
  • 15, 30 and 45 minute timer settings so you can decide how long you want to press for
  • Coin tray and jacket hanger are included
  • LED countdown display so you know how long it’s taken

4. Corby 4400 Black Ash Trouser Press

Corby 4400 Black Ash Trouser Press

Corby is the name that is synonymous with quality when it comes to trouser presses. This one follows the long tradition of Corby products being well made and functional, and good at their job! It can be wall mounted or freestanding, depending on how much space you have and how you want to use your press. Fixings for wall mounting are included, as is a 3 year warranty.

What I like about it:

  • 15 and 30 minute time settings so you can decide how long you want the pressing to be
  • Automatic cut off plus manual shut off option
  • Comes with coin tray, feet, jacket hanger and hanger bracket
  • Well made and durable, and should last for years

5. Corby Executive Black Trouser Press

Corby Executive Black Trouser Press, High Gloss Finish

This executive trouser press comes in a high gloss finish, so it looks like a really sophisticated piece of kit. The Executive was made to commemorate Corby’s 80th anniversary, so it has all the features you know and love, in a new snazzy finish. As with most Corby models it can be used freestanding or wall mounted, and it comes with the standard 3 year warranty in case of any damage or problems with the machine. It even has a retractable tie rack!

What I like about it:

  • Knee wrinkle stretcher to remove awkward back of knee creases
  • Comes with the press, feet, coat hanger and bracket, fixings and fittings, and instructions
  • Works well and will save you a lot of ironing time
  • The high gloss front panel is complemented by chrome levers

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