What To Wear On Long Haul Flight And Look Stylish

Dressing for a long haul flight is all about comfort. You don’t want to be trapped in a cramped space with tummy-pinching jeans or sweaty shoes.

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. There are plenty of ways to dress comfortably while still looking great.

So what to wear on long haul flight and look stylish? Here are a few sartorial ideas to keep in mind for your next long flight.

1. Oversized Cardigan or Sweater

Oversized cardigans are super practical but still look chic and elegant. You can step out of the plane right into a dinner date without having to change.

On the practical end, the extra fabric is handy when the cabin gets chilly. Simply wrap it tighter around yourself for some warmth. You can also roll it up and use it as a pillow.

Oversized cardigans are not just for ladies. There are plenty of stylish oversized sweaters for gents too.

2. Stretchy and Loose-fitting Pants

Don’t compromise on comfort when it comes to pants. You are going to be seated for hours. A pair of pants that feels clammy or is too tight is going to ruin the entire flight.

Loose pants are the best. For ladies, wide-leg pants are also great. They allow a lot of movement and keep your lower body cool.

For men, chinos are a great choice. They look great and feel really comfortable.

If you prefer something tighter, go for stretchy skinny jeans. They’ll hug your body but still allow movement. Leggings and jeggings are also great.

3. Long Jacket or Trench Coat

If you are not a fan of oversized cardigans, wear a trench coat or long jacket. It has the same benefits as the cardigan: stylish yet comfortable.

A trench coat is especially versatile. You’ll look great whether you are going to a vacation or a business meeting. It also goes well with basically anything from loose pants to skinny jeans.

4. Hoodie

If neither the oversized cardigan nor the trench coat is your thing, a hoodie is a great alternative. It won’t look very formal in a business conference but it’s perfect for leisure travel.

But you can also rock it over a more formal outfit and simply take it off when you get to the meeting or conference.

During the flight, a hoodie will keep you sufficiently warm and cosy. When it gets too warm, you can take it off and use it as a pillow.

5. Dress and Socks

A dress or skirt will be even more comfortable than a pair of pants. The only concern is that you might feel cold.

That’s why I recommend a dress and socks combo. It’s not an easy look to pull off. But if it looks good on you, it’s a great outfit.

The dress provides more freedom of movement and keeps you cool. The socks ensure your feet don’t feel too cold.

If you are not comfortable wearing socks, another option is to wear a dress with stretchy tights.

5. Comfortable Top or T-shirt

For tops, whether it’s a t-shirt or camisole, go for a comfortable and breathable material like cotton. It will ensure you don’t feel too warm and don’t get sweaty especially if you are sitting in a packed cabin.

6. Comfortable and Breathable Shoes

This is something most people don’t think about perhaps because they are going to be seated rather than walking. But even when seated, wearing uncomfortable shoes for hours can be torturous.

The first thing to make sure is that your shoes are a good fit: nothing too loose or too tight. Secondly, make sure they are breathable. This will prevent your feet from getting all sweaty and smelly.

For ladies some good options include ankle boots, sneakers and ballet flats (with socks). I don’t recommend open shoes. They are cold and unsanitary.

For guys, there are plenty of comfortable men’s walking shoes you can wear from canvas to loafers to formal dress shoes.

7. Activewear

Yoga wear is no longer for yoga classes only. Clothes mostly designed for workouts are becoming accepted as normal everyday wear. They are called Activewear.

Because they are designed primarily for comfort, they are great for long haul flights.

But don’t dress up in a complete tracksuit. Pair individual items with normal wear. For instance, a pair of yoga leggings with a casual top or a sport hoodie with your favourite pair of stretchy jeans.

8. Shawl or Scarf

Whatever you decide to wear, always add on a large scarf, shawl or wrap. It’ll keep you neck and head warm and if it is large enough, you can also use it as a blanket.

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