How To Wear Men’s Oxford Shoes {A Short Guide}

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words ‘men’s dress shoes?’ The answer literally doesn’t matter if it isn’t the almighty Oxford.

This traditional and elegant piece of footwear has been adding a dapper touch to different looks for centuries now. From the epitome of formality to something more smart casual, Oxfords have remained as adaptable as they are timeless.

That’s what makes the Oxford a time-honoured fashion staple that all gents should own – no matter their style. In the past, the shoes were made only using leather. Today, you can find them in canvas or suede making them ideal for a wide range of outfits and events.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to wear mens Oxfords as the shoe gods intended. From your bespoke suit to some caszh chinos or jeans, you’d be surprised how many looks men can pull off with different types of Oxfords.

But first, lots of people tend to mistake the almighty Oxford for Derby’s or Bluchers. We can’t have that now, can we? Let’s take a gander at a few defining characteristics that separate Oxfords from all the other wannabes.

Characteristics of Oxford Shoes

Characteristics of Oxford Shoes

What makes an Oxford an Oxford? Unlike most other men’s shoes, Oxfords have one principle defining trait – the lacing system. These shoes have eyelet tabs stitched under the vamp (top) forming a neat, closed lacing system.

Obviously, this contrasts with Bluchers, Derbys, and others which have an open system. The other defining traits of Oxfords include:

  • Closed lacing system
  • Distinct low heel
  • Exposure of the wearer’s ankle

How To Wear Men’s Oxford Shoes

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As mentioned above, Oxford shoes come in a wide range of styles, types and colours. Typically, you’ll find them in brown or black. But they can also be tan, plain, or in a brogue pattern.

As for the materials, the shoes come in faux, calf leather, suede, canvas, and genuine patent leather. Here’s how to know which Oxford to wear depending on the outfit or occasion.

1. Formal

It’s a well-known fact that Oxfords are the best footwear of choice if you’re looking to bring some gentlemanly refinement and class to a formal outfit. Thanks to their polished appearance, Oxfords add a sleek, masculine and stylish vibe to anything you would normally wear to work.

However, it’s with a nice, fitting suit that the Oxford truly shines. To complement your suit and achieve a highly sophisticated look, make sure you go with black patent leather Oxfords.

Paired with a matching trouser and jacket, the shoes seamlessly blend in to become part of the outfit and create a ‘Kingsman’ aura. As Eggsy would say, “Shoes and manners make the man.”

2. Smart Casual

That’s the thing with Oxfords guys – even casual becomes smart when you have the right pair. If you’re going for smart casual events such as parties, lunches, or even caszh Friday, you can finish off the look with the perfect pair of Oxfords.

Now, remember that these shoes are still quite formal. As such, you have to balance out the look with a somewhat casual pair of pants.

Even with a short sleeved shirt and some skinny jeans or chinos, Oxford shoes are the ideal choice when you want to be comfortable yet still well put together.

3. Relaxed Weekend Wear

Now, just because Oxfords are dress shoes doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them with your favourite pair of jeans. As a matter of fact, more and more men are pulling off some seriously advanced looks with jeans and khaki.

To nail the look, you need to pay very close attention to the colour of your shoes and jeans. For instance, tan Oxfords appear quite smart with the regular blue jeans.

However, darker denims seem to pair better with black designs. And since most jeans are sliming, make sure your Oxfords are also slimmer in width to avoid an overwhelmed finish.

Final Word

When it comes to style, comfort and practicality, it’s hard to topple the almighty Oxford. Not only has it stood the test of time, but the manufacturers are constantly working to improve its image and performance.

Few other shoes can take you from day to night, weekday to weekend and formal to caszh like the Oxford can. Whether you dress up or dress down, the Oxford offers fashionable versatility and adds a dapper, masculine touch to your outfit.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab an Oxford for every look and occasion today. Check out the Genleman’s Gazzete on Youtube for more tips on how to wear, buy and combine men’s Oxfords.

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