What Is The Best Tie Knot For Wedding?

Depending on your role in the wedding (ranging from invited guest to bestman), and the wedding’s dressing code, your dressing style could be smart casual, semi-formal, or full tuxedo formal.

Whichever it is, you need to make sure your tie matches it. And not just the colour, patterns and type of tie, but also the tie knot.

Though it seems minor, the type of tie knot can transform your style. It might be too casual for the occasion, or clash with your overall style. So what is the best tie knot for wedding?

There are specific tie knots that work best for weddings. The best one and most popular is the Windsor knot.

The Windsor Tie Knot

What makes the Windsor knot great for weddings is its simplicity and elegance.

This triangular knot is bulkier than usual, which makes it a great choice if you want to draw attention to your beautiful tie. It works best with wide collared shirts.

The Windsor knot goes best with formal wedding wear. It’s great for a best man, the groom himself, or groomsmen.

Here’s a video on how to tie a Windsor knot. It’s easy and quick.

A slightly less formal variation of the Windsor knot is the half Windsor knot. It goes great with formal and semi-formal outfits, and is less bulky compared to the full Windsor knot.

Here’s a step by step video on how to tie a half Windsor tie knot.

Other Good Tie Knots for Weddings

If you are looking for something a bit different, here are a few other types of tie knots that are perfect for weddings, along with step-by-step videos on how to tie them.

Eldredge Knot

The Eldredge tie knot is beautiful and flowery, but difficult to tie. It involves more than a dozen steps. The result is a triangular knot with a braided look.

If you want something that stands out, the Eldredge knot is a great choice. It goes especially well with semi-formal and smart casual wedding outfits.

Trinity Knot

This is another unique knot that’s perfect for men looking for something unique and a bit flowery. Instead of a plain triangle, the trinity knot consists of three connected leaves, hence the name trinity.

Similar to the Eldredge knot, the trinity knot is difficult to tie. But once you practice it a few times, you’ll be able to do it in under a minute. Here’s a step by step video.

Four-in-hand Knot

The four-in-hand knot is almost as popular as the two Windsor knots, mostly because of its simplicity. It’s one of the easiest tie knots to master.

The four-in-hand knot has a narrow triangle, making it suitable for narrow collared shirts. It is less formal than the full Windsor knot, so it’s perfect for most semi-formal or smart casual wedding outfits.

It’s also one of the best knots for overweight men. It’s narrow style has a slimming effect.

Here’s a video on how to tie the four-in-hand knot.

Balthus Knot

If you want to go even bigger than the Windsor knot, use the Balthus knot. It’s the largest type of tie knot, and goes great with a wide collared shirt.

Because of how thick and wide the knot is, you’ll be left with a shorter tie than usual, so use this knot with longer ties.

The Balthus tie knot is formal, and a boardroom staple. It’s suitable if you plan to dress formally for a wedding.

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