How To Choose The Best Poker Chips Set?

There’s nothing more gentlemanly than having the discipline, commitment and tenacity to learn a skill. That’s why poker is the perfect gentleman’s game.

Sure, poker does involve some luck, especially for beginners. But there’s also a lot of skill required if you hope to become a pro, skill that requires constant practice.

While going to casino, playing in local tournaments and playing online can build up your skills, practising at home is also important.

If you play poker or plan to start playing, we highly recommend buying yourself a personal poker chips set. It allows you to practice as much as you’d like at home. You can play against your partner or invite friends over for poker nights.

In this buying guide, we review the best poker chips sets for all levels of players, from amateurs to pros.

What to Consider When Buying a Poker Chips Set

The two most important things to consider when buying a poker chips set is what the set contains and the quality of individual components, especially the chips and cards.

A. What’s In the Set?

For most people, a full poker set is the best. Here’s what it should contain.

  • Poker chips. Most set have either 300 chips or 500 chips, but you can also find smaller sets with 200 chips and larger sets with 1,000 chip. If you plan to play with 2-4 people, a 300-chip set will do; for up to 10 players, get a 500-chip set; for up to 30 players, get a 1,000-chip set.
  • Buttons. A complete poker set will come with a dealer button, big blind button and small blind button. Some sets only have the dealer button.
  • Playing cards. Look for a set with at least two decks of playing cards.
  • Dice. Useful for playing poker dice. Most full sets include 5 dice.
  • Case. Keeps all component safe when not in use. A case is also handy if you plan to travel with your poker set.

B. Set Quality

Unless you are willing to spend over 100 pounds on a poker chips set, you won’t get casino-grade chips and cards. And that’s okay since you’ll mostly be using the set at home.

That doesn’t mean you buy a cheap, poor quality set. Get a set that makes you feel good playing poker and which will last a long time.

Poker Chips:

Let’s start with the poker chips.

Plastic chips are the cheapest, and the lowest quality. They don’t have the heft of casino chips and low quality ones can bend and deform over time.

Composite chips are the best for home games. These chips are made with resin and have a metal insert that gives them a nice hefty feel. A singe composite chip weighs around 11.5g or 12g.

The biggest advantage of composite chips is their durability. Good quality composite chips will last for years.

You may also come across clay chips, but these are expensive.

Something else to check when analysing chip quality is whether the graphics and values on the surface are printed, engraved or if they are just a sticker.

Engraved poker chips are the best. They don’t fade. On the downside, they are expensive.

For frequent home use, get printed chips. If you don’t think you’ll play very frequently, chips with stickers will do.

Playing Cards:

Plastic playing cards are the best. They last long, do not get marked easily and can withstand a splash of water.

A set with paper playing cards will cost you less but the cards will wear out quick especially if you play poker often. Once cards start to develop unique markings, you are no longer playing serious poker.


Get poker chips set that comes with a high quality aluminium case. An aluminium case is strong yet lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around.

Most poker cases are lined with felt on the inside to protect the chip and cards from scratches and damage.

Best Poker Chips Set: Top 5 Reviews

1. Display4top 300 Piece Texas Holdem Poker Chips Set with Aluminum Case

Display4top 300 Piece Texas Holdem Poker Chips Set with Aluminum Case ,2 Decks of Cards, Dealer, Small Blind, Big Blind Buttons and 5 Dice (300 Piece Chips)


The Display4top 300 Piece set is the best home play poker chips set for the money. It has all the pieces you need for a 2-4 person poker game.

The Display4top set includes 300 poker chips, 2 decks of playing cards, 5 dice, three buttons (dealer, big blind and small blind) and an aluminium case.

The poker chip consists of different colours including white (100), red (50), blue (50), green (25), black (25), purple (25) and yellow (25). This makes it easy to tell the value of each chip.

The chips are all-plastic. They don’t have the weighty feel of casino chips. But they are still great for personal use.

The cards are paper. They bend easily and won’t last long. You might want to replace them with a good set of plastic cards especially if you play poker often.

Everything fits nicely in the included aluminium case with double latches.

Overall, the Display4top 300 Piece set is a good choice for amateur poker players looking for an affordable full poker set.

What I like about it:

  • Full set.
  • Good quality poker chips.
  • Includes aluminium case.

2. Ultimate Black Edition Poker Set

Ultimate Black Edition Poker Set with 300 Premium 12g Metal Core Laser Chips and 100% Plastic Cards 2 Poker Decks, Aluminium Poker Case, 5 x Dice, 1 x Dealer Button, Poker, Set, Poker Chips, Case


If you are looking for a set with better quality and longer lasting chips and cards, the Ultimate Black Edition poker set from Maxstore costs just a bit more than the Display4top set above.

The Ultimate Black Edition set includes 300 poker chips, 5 dice, 2 decks of cards and a dealer button. This set does not come with big blind and small blind buttons.

The chips in the Ultimate Black Edition feel heavier than ordinary plastic chips. That’s because they have a metal core. Each chip weighs 12g.

The chip set includes all the usual colours: 100 grey, 50 red, 50 blue, 25 green, 25 black, 25 violet and 25 yellow.

A sticker with holographic effects covers each chip. The surface of the chip changes appearance depending on how you hold it. This is purely for aesthetics – there’s no practical benefit when playing.

As for the cards, they are 100% plastic. They don’t deform and wear out like paper cards.

The case is a combination of aluminium and plastic and has two latches to keep it secure.

Overall, the Ultimate Black Edition poker set is a great choice for poker enthusiast looking for a good quality set that’s also affordable.

What I like about it:

  • Good quality chips and cards.
  • Includes carrying/storage case.
  • Good value for money.

3. Triangle 100 Poker Chips Weighing 10 Grams Each

100 Poker Chips Weighing 10 Grams Each Boxed No Values Ideal For Card Casino Games Or Wedding / Party Drink Tokens - 1 Box of 100 Same Coloured Chips (Random Colour Sent)


If you already have a poker set but want to replace or add more chips, we recommend this set of 100 chips.

The box comes with a single colour of chips. Colours are chosen randomly so you may get a blue, red, green or white set.

This set is great if you need to add more payers to your poker session or if your current chips are worn out. These Triangle chips are the good quality ones with a metal insert. They have a nice hefty feel and are designed to last a long time.

What I like about it:

  • High quality weighted chips.
  • Perfect for expanding a poker set or replacing worn out chips.
  • Low price.

4. Tactic Games UK Pro Poker Texas Hold’em Set

Tactic Games UK Pro Poker Texas Hold'em Set - Tin


If you are looking for an inexpensive poker set just for fun, we recommend this Texas Hold’em set from Tactic Games.

Despite what the manufacturer calls it, this is definitely not a pro set. The quality of the chips and cards is average. Get this set only if you play occasionally and just for fun. This is not a set for serious poker games.

The set includes 160 poker chips. They are thin and light plastic chips without any stickers or printing on them.

You also get dealer, big blind and small blinds buttons as well as two decks of cards.

The cards are paper, so they’ll wear out pretty quickly. That’s why we recommend the Tactic Games set for occasional casual poker games.

The set comes in a stylish tin case along with playing instructions.

If you are already good at poker or have a proper set, this Texas Hold’em set makes for a good gift for a friend or family member who’s just starting out in poker.

What I like about it:

  • Inexpensive.
  • Includes everything beginners need to learn poker.
  • Comes with a tin case.

5. Display4top 500 Piece Texas Holdem Poker Chips Set With Aluminum Case

Display4top 500 Piece Texas Holdem Poker Chips Set with Aluminum Case ,2 Decks of Cards, Dealer, Small Blind, Big Blind Buttons and 5 Dice (500 Piece Chips)


If your poker session usually involve six to ten players, this is the best poker chips set. It is similar to the Display 4top 300-piece, but with 200 more poker chips.

Everything else comes in the same quantity: two card decks, five dice and three button for dealer, big blind and small blind.

The chips are good quality. They weigh 11.5g and feel like they’ll last long.

The cards are average quality; we recommend replacing them with good quality plastic cards especially if you play often. The ones included with this set wear out quickly.

The case is made with aluminium and plastic, with felt lining inside. A pair of latches secure the case.

Overall, this Display4top set is far from casino quality, but it’s an affordable choice for those who like to play poker in large groups.

What I like about it:

  • Ideal for large groups of up to 10 people.
  • Good quality chips.
  • Includes aluminium case.

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